The Film Triathlon

500,000 seconds of filmmaking for a chance at $5,000



The Film Triathlon is a film competition. It isn't a "project", or "festival", it is a competition. You will have guidelines, you will write your film, you will shoot your film, you will have fun, you will get your film shown in a theater on a big screen, and your film will be judged. There will be winners and there will be...people who don't win. We would like to be able to say that all of you will be winners, but that simply isn't true. Keep cool though, because rising above the ashes of fallen filmmakers will be a small band of brave souls. These pioneers of vision, these mercenaries of creativity will fight their way to the top and claim their place in the Astoria International Film Festival! ...Also, they'll win cash, a lot of cash.

The competition will be held in Astoria, Oregon, starting Saturday, September 6th at 9:07pm, and ending Friday, September 12th at 4:00pm. Films will be shown on Saturday, September 13th. Though it is held in Astoria, you do not have to be in Astoria the entire time. A representative from your group must be at the opening ceremonies, and there to turn in your film and paperwork on Friday afternoon.  

All the films will be shown in the historic Liberty Theater on the night of Saturday the 13th. DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR FREE AT 4:30. Films will start showing at 5.

Competing teams have exactly 5 days 18 hours and 53 minutes (almost exactly 500,000 seconds) to write, shoot, and edit a short film. In that time, teams will also write and record original music for said film.

The 2013 Grand Prize is $5,000+prizes, and a spot in the Astoria International Film festival. Also, there will be major cash and prizes being given out to 2nd and 3rd place winners, as well as smaller prizes for winners of specific categories.

Congratulations to Team: FORTITUDE and their film "The Siren Song" for winning the TFT 2013 grand prize of $5,000! Their film also gets a spot in The Astoria International Film Festival this October. Go to our Vimeo page to watch all the films-